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Women these days are almost at par with men with respect to equality, freedom, employment, etc. The Constitution of India also has laws by keeping in mind the status of women in society. Certain privileges are given and binding laws are also made for women so that they enjoy equal status with men. Earlier women were treated as nobody; they were not allowed to take decisions for themselves, no freedom at all. But, now, the tables have turned and the ladies have become fully independent and self reliant.

Responds to negative feedback’s

Online world is growing every day, every nook is Wi-fi ready and we depend largely on the content present in the search engines for our queries and for second opinion. We ofttimes come cross negative reviews and feedback’s about any product, brand, application and place (Hotel, Restaurant, guest houses and any other formal stay). In the hotel industry where there are many online sites that emphasize on feedback’s from clients to generate data, it is notably approved that people rely on these reviews/feedback’s. Now responding to these negative feedback comes as the important part but also responding them in a right way is crucial. A proper response to a bad review can do two important things – it can minimize the damage to your reputation and it will also helps you to repair your relationship with unhappy reviewers.


By the term it is understood that “brain drain” is the drain of knowledge from one place to another. It is basically something related to migration of people from one place to a better one in search of growth opportunities when they feel that their place is insufficient in providing that extra knowledge. It is majorly defined as the emigration of skilled individuals from developing countries to already developed nations like US, UK, etc. This concept has a very disturbing effect on the economy growth rate of the developing countries.