By the term it is understood that “brain drain” is the drain of knowledge from one place to another. It is basically something related to migration of people from one place to a better one in search of growth opportunities when they feel that their place is insufficient in providing that extra knowledge. It is majorly defined as the emigration of skilled individuals from developing countries to already developed nations like US, UK, etc. This concept has a very disturbing effect on the economy growth rate of the developing countries.

In our context, Brain Drain is the movement of an individual from Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities (like Dehradun, Rudrapur, Deoband,etc) to metropolitan cities, i.e. Tier 1 cities in search of a better career. I don’t know why there is a myth that small towns and cities aren’t self reliant when it comes to providing proper education and job facilities. However, if you’ll search in depth, you can find ‘n’ number of career choices. It’s like “Dhundne ko toh khuda bhi mil jata hain bas niyat honi chahiye”. There’s nothing like zero opportunity in any city. It is just a lame excuse that the youth these days give to get out of their respective cities.

Brain drain is a boon for the developed cities while a bane for the developing and underdeveloped ones as it slows down the progress of the latter when their talented crowd moves to big cities.

Everyone is moving to the metropolitan cities without giving a second thought. This results in increase in a level of competition in such cities like Delhi and Mumbai thereby causing unequal or no opportunities to many. The deficiency of employment forces the majority of youth to fall into depression.

The major factors of Brain Drain in our country and any other country or state are –

  • The lack of job openings in that particular sector and lack of growth opportunities.
  • The better and comfortable means of lifestyle in the developed country.
  • Developed countries give preference to ones talents and values in place of their wealthy background and power of their family.
  • The growing population each year is making it difficult for job seekers to crack a job opening as there is n number of competition for a single post.

And then there are many other factors of Brain Drain as well but the lose that country or state bears after the Brain Drain is immensely intolerable. However, with the advent of digital media, the gap between an individual and the opportunities available in their native place has been eliminated. The world is becoming smaller with the reach of digital media. Now many career options are being available within the respective city. People can excel in any field they want to through the medium of the Internet. One can become a good cook, a choreographer, a painter, a musician, etc by just taking tutorials over the internet from any place in the world.

With the help of social media, the concept of brain drain is diminishing slowly. A part of it is still there because you can’t change everyone’s belief and perception, but it will gradually decrease with modernization and the advancement in technology.

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