Responds to negative feedback’s

Online world is growing every day, every nook is Wi-fi ready and we depend largely on the content present in the search engines for our queries and for second opinion. We ofttimes come cross negative reviews and feedback’s about any product, brand, application and place (Hotel, Restaurant, guest houses and any other formal stay). In the hotel industry where there are many online sites that emphasize on feedback’s from clients to generate data, it is notably approved that people rely on these reviews/feedback’s. Now responding to these negative feedback comes as the important part but also responding them in a right way is crucial. A proper response to a bad review can do two important things – it can minimize the damage to your reputation and it will also helps you to repair your relationship with unhappy reviewers.

The unhappy reviewer has spend his time to write about your property and as every feedback is important and one should acknowledge it, the question arise How to respond to negative feedback?

In general, as you respond to your customer’s feedback you have to make sure you revert in a positive way. First you should research about the issue he/she is complaining about. Make sure did he had any communication with your staff about the issue, before he’s leaving the venue or he just come up to your site about it. Even thou the negative comment was aggressive and hurtful, you should thank the guest for taking the time to give a feedback and that can actually help you grow and help you in no further inconvenience to your future clients.

For whatever reason, this client has faced an issue in your stay apologize for guest’s poor experience, as his expectations were not met and it will be disappointing for anybody, remember your apologize is the sign that you have sympathy for the guest and the experience he had is short of expectations he had planned for. Take a moment to make a mail if you have his/her personal contact and highlight the things and changes he’s taking about and if possible offer a compensation if appropriate. Personal mails and formal apologize messages are the best way possible to revert to the unhappy clients, but if the client is marking it on social website again and again, thou this could be aggressive and hurtful for the reputation of premises, mention and highlight all the things that have been updated, apologize for inconvenience, mark the things that are being in process of change and last but not the least mention to mail his further reviews directly to you with a thanks for taking a time. It will be add-on for the customers who further read it that you and your staff is pro-active to the changes and acknowledge each and every customer.

It is also helpful for you to have a customer relationship management staff or department, dedicated for the complains and reviews. It will helps you keep a record of clients and their complains and a scope to change the things that they have mentioned. Hotel Doon Castle has a dedicated team of management staff that not only keep a check on this kind of complains but also they are pro-active for all the complains in the reviews and make sure that each complain is resolved before it become a big issue.

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