Women these days are almost at par with men with respect to equality, freedom, employment, etc. The Constitution of India also has laws by keeping in mind the status of women in society. Certain privileges are given and binding laws are also made for women so that they enjoy equal status with men. Earlier women were treated as nobody; they were not allowed to take decisions for themselves, no freedom at all. But, now, the tables have turned and the ladies have become fully independent and self reliant.

Now talking about the women or girls in Dehradun, the status of women has improved tremendously. Earlier, the mentality of people regarding the women in Dehradun was narrow-minded and conservative. Women were not confident enough and not much educated also; they were more homely and did not communicate much. Earlier, Dehradun was not much developed and people also had backward thinking so as a result the females at those times became suppressive and evasive.  Girls were not allowed to wear short skirts and were not allowed to be out till late in the evening. Mobile phones were a complete no for them. But, when innovations were made Dehradun started changing, people’s mindset began to change and the end result was change in the way women were treated earlier.

Many great women have taken birth in Uttarakhand and have brought laurels to the state by leading the torch of their purpose high. Despite many hurdles in life these women had done something that was and will remain remarkable for years. Some of the avengers of Uttarakhand are-

  •  Shrimati Gauri Devi the legend who believed in the importance of trees and started CHIPKO MOVEMENT, the movement to save trees in Chamoli district. 
  • Lt. Ichhagiri Mai, the lady who take a stand for the consumption of locally brewed alcohol in 70s-80s. She burned the liquor shop and then went to Deputy Collector bungalow and surrendered herself.
  • One cannot complete the list without mentioning the legend Bachindri pal. She is the first lady to conquer the summit of Mount Everest in 1984. Nine years later she successfully led an all women team to the Mount Everest.
  • Mamta rawat an incredibly strong mountaineer who saved lives of 500 stranded pilgrimage in 2013 during the Uttarakhand Floods.
  • Many famous TV personalities like Archana Puran Singh, Urvashi Rautela, Asha Negi, Himani Shivpuri and Shruti Ulfat are from Dehradun itself. Shekinah Mukhiya, an eleven year old student of St. Thomas College Dehradun, came into spotlight after making it to the top ten of Voice of India Kids Season II show. Now women from Dehradun are making a big difference in the outer world.
  • Radha Bhardwaj is also an add-on in the list, she won best actress award for her movie Afsos (remorse) and I feel proud that I am from Dehradun, the land of great legends.

Women now actively participate in various fields such as sports, politics, education, media, art & culture, service sectors, science, technology, etc. Girls are excelling in the field of education as well as fashion. A girl wearing trending outfits is a normal sight these days. Parent’s conservative and overprotective mentality is changing as a result of immense modernisation. No more restraints on girls partying late night and no more restrictions on their field of occupation.

“The women of today have outgrown the women of yesterday.”

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