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Nature is Fighting Back for our KARMA

Monsoon is a phenomenal activity that takes place every year around the month of July and lasts till September. This season has always been associated with terms like pleasant, refreshing, and rejuvenating.

People can connect with this season a lot. Speaking of Monsoons, the things that come to our mind are – “Bhutta with some lemon and salt”, “Garama Garam Pakode”, “Chai” and/or “Bun-tikki”.

The rainy season is supposed to be a romantic season for all the couples where they come together to relish and rejoice the essence of love. It is said that during the rains, parents used to send their children to get drenched in the rain in order to beat the heat and to eliminate all sorts of ailments. Even for the farmers for that matter, it used to be a sigh of relief when the rains began, as this seasonal rainfall was a must for the crops and all sorts of vegetation. It became the reason for them to rejoice because after a long period of cultivation and farming in the scorching heat, their hard work paid off with good output accompanied by the required amount of rain showers. Everyone, be it, an adult or a child, loved the rains as it brought in a whole lot of positive and good vibe.

Anyhow now the tables have turned; monsoons are no more associated with enjoyment; it is more of a headache; things are not the same as before…. Since we have been taking our mother land and nature for granted for so long now, Karma is playing games & is causing the havoc and natural calamities.

We’ve been killing our natural property & aesthetic value to build our personal property, not realizing the fact that what we are destroying already belongs to us. The Mother Nature is thereby taking revenge by causing extreme rainfall in many party of our country and resulting in destruction by causing floods and water logging. We as an individual are required to take a drastic step towards this loss. It’s very easy to pollute the rivers by throwing garbage into it, destroying natural beauty as an excuse to build a good infrastructure and doing all the unnecessary construction in the name of development. But, the thing that is difficult is to adorn the beauty of nature.

Dehradun being a valley never had to face such problems. There used to be a huge open canal system that had proper drainage facility. But, then with the amount of progress in the city, the canals were made underground. As a result, the streets became broader and the drainage system turned out to be narrower, thus, creating the problem of water logging. Now, during monsoons the rain water gets collected on the roads and causes water-borne diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Jaundice, etc.

Large scale construction along the river beds and streams has resulted in loss of life & property, both of which belong to us. We fight with our neighbors for garbage, extended boundary walls and claim to keep clean what is ours – “KARMA IS – the nature is now fighting back to claim what was her’s.

Sonali Sahgal