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Difference in between Paid and Organic Marketing

Digital marketing has become massive platform for big businesses to small, to grow their market and brand, an epic success. The digital marketing not only make you reach customers but also make your brand, trustworthy brand on worldwide platform.  Most of the time marketing was described as number of series of marketing methods but it really falls into two categories – Organic marketing and Paid marketing.

To help you understand the differences in the same we have a simple and easy breakdown of Paid and Organic marketing.

Organic marketing is referred to the act of getting the customers to your site and website naturally. This marketing method is best used to develop brand voice, enable authentic interactions with customers, educate and convert blog readers and drive traffic to landing pages with many other online assets. On the other hand Paid marketing as the name suggest is the paid platform of marketing where you have to spend hundred bucks to get audience and customers, it may seems easy at first to spend some money and get results easily and directly, but there’s no way to get target audience or potential audience that will end in customers.

Organic and Paid marketing shares a same platform of marketing as Google, Face book, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, Medium, Instagram, Tumblr and similar .Where organic  marketing gives you the manifesto of getting in touch with target audience and you most probably end with making them your audience. Paid marketing does not gives you target audience as it get traffic by pushing your content mainly in the form of ads. Paid marketing delivers you audience when they click on your ads as its pay per click but Organic marketing takes your product directly to the target audience.

Not all the businesses need the budgetary resources to deploy paid marketing campaigns. However, every business needs to embrace Organic marketing.


Women these days are almost at par with men with respect to equality, freedom, employment, etc. The Constitution of India also has laws by keeping in mind the status of women in society. Certain privileges are given and binding laws are also made for women so that they enjoy equal status with men. Earlier women were treated as nobody; they were not allowed to take decisions for themselves, no freedom at all. But, now, the tables have turned and the ladies have become fully independent and self reliant.

Responds to negative feedback’s

Online world is growing every day, every nook is Wi-fi ready and we depend largely on the content present in the search engines for our queries and for second opinion. We ofttimes come cross negative reviews and feedback’s about any product, brand, application and place (Hotel, Restaurant, guest houses and any other formal stay). In the hotel industry where there are many online sites that emphasize on feedback’s from clients to generate data, it is notably approved that people rely on these reviews/feedback’s. Now responding to these negative feedback comes as the important part but also responding them in a right way is crucial. A proper response to a bad review can do two important things – it can minimize the damage to your reputation and it will also helps you to repair your relationship with unhappy reviewers.


By the term it is understood that “brain drain” is the drain of knowledge from one place to another. It is basically something related to migration of people from one place to a better one in search of growth opportunities when they feel that their place is insufficient in providing that extra knowledge. It is majorly defined as the emigration of skilled individuals from developing countries to already developed nations like US, UK, etc. This concept has a very disturbing effect on the economy growth rate of the developing countries.

Role of Graphic Designing in Digital Marketing World:

Digital marketing is one of the fast growing industries in India which is generally based on the informative and visuals content. With the same phase, the Graphic Design is more than just drawings and pictures. Graphic Designing is the most pervasive art today that has given a new meaning to digital marketing.  With minimal and simplified design basics, this tool had been adding contemporary flair to a company’s advertisement profile. It is an art with the drive that involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve specific objectives.

On-Page SEO

on-page sep

While it comes to optimizing a website, there are 2 main factors at play:

1. On-page optimization 

2. Off-page optimization

Today’s article will focus on the on-page optimization, and I will share the best on-page SEO techniques you must implement while working on your website or blogs.

High cutoffs and higher expectations

High–cut offs at Universities are a trend and neither education institutions nor parents think about the consequences of the rising cut-offs. Immense pressure by the peer becomes uncontrollable effecting the psych of students.

The education system in India is very biased. There’s a perception that those kids who are brilliant in studies at school will be excellent in studies during college times as well and will give a fantastic result which would thereby result in good image of the respective college.

The marking/grading system has become so unrealistic that getting a 99 percentile isn’t a difficult task at all as a result the cut-offs also go as high as 99.8% – 99.9%. Did anybody think about the impact that this hike would cause on the students? Right now scoring a 99 percentile might sound good to the ears but is it really that easy as the board system has made it. No it is not! It is next to impossible to score a 100 in subjects like English, Hindi and Economics. The fault is in the grading system for exposing the students to this sham which would risk their future anyhow when they would be facing the real challenges of the world.

Immense rise in cut offs from the past many years has been putting on a lot of pressure on the students. The competition level has increased and as a result the peer pressure has also grown rigorously. Due to this reason the parents and the school has started stressing more and more on studies and less on extra-curricular activities as they are of the thought that if the child doesn’t score in 90’s then he/she doesn’t stand anywhere. Now, because of this the child who may be good in extra-curricular activities and not much good in studies has no scope in surviving in this era of competition of marks. Despite of the fact that some students might have some inherent talent, yet they are not allowed to focus on it and are instead made to study. This hampers the overall development of a child and education becomes a burden for him/her. Getting high percentages has become a prestige issue for both the schools and the parents. It is always expected that since the parents put on so much efforts on their child’s education and overall development, the child must also in return work hard and show extraordinary results. The pressure to stand out in the society is so much that the parents forget that every individual has its own qualities where being studious id definitely not compulsory. The average or below average students as they can’t make it to the high cut-offs are treated as unworthy and invaluable.

The cut offs go as high as 99% in top colleges of University; such situations provoke the students to question their capabilities instead of becoming a ladder of success in their life; many even fall prey to depression, anxiety, stress and some even end up their lives. The taxing grading system of today has declined a student’s self confidence and self esteem.

Are we going to tackle this problem or are we just going to sit and watch the consequences? No we can’t just keep quiet and let our youth go waste like this. We need to do something. The parents are required to give their children some space and guidance to make the most feasible choices for their careers. Career guidance and counselling would be of great help for the students as well as their parents as they would give assistance and guidance in understanding the future path.