2D Animation

Best 2D Animation Company in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, everything is more virtual and interactive. Graphics and animations are becoming increasingly popular in advertising and digital marketing. SAAR Asia is a well-known animation company in Dehradun, Uttarakhand with a skilled team of creative animators who use both the artistic right and analytical left sides of their brains to create and deliver the best graphics and designs to our clients.

As a well-reputed animation company, we have a team of enthusiastic animators who produce high-calibre materials that inspire others to better their lives through educational animations. We use various software to create stunning animated graphics and stop-motion animations for our clients. We are the best 2D animation service provider in Dehradun and make the best animation videos for your company.

What is 2D Animation Video?

The practice of generating motion in a two-dimensional space is known as 2D animation. A 2D animation video includes the background settings, characters/creatures, and visual effects. This motion is generated by an animation company when a series of individual drawings are sequenced together over time.

Our Professional 2D Animation Services in Dehradun

Animation is a powerful tool for gaining consumer attention and advertising a brand’s products and services. From websites to social media platforms, animation plays a significant role in attracting potential clients’ attention. Everyone would want to receive top-tier 2D animation services in Dehradun India for promoting their brand, and SAAR can help you do just that. At SAAR, we provide a number of top-tier animation services in Dehradun. Our experts make use of the best software’s to offer you with video animation services that align best with your goals and marketing strategies.

Why Are We The Preferred 2D Animation Company?

We are the preferred 2D animation company because for us our top-most priority is our clients. Our expert animators make use of the latest animation software to drive results that align with our client’s needs and goals. Additionally, we are the best 2D animation service provider in Dehradun and provide animation such as video animations, slow-motion animations, stop-motion animations, typography animations, traditional animations, vector-based animations, and much more.


As the best animation company in Dehradun, we ensure to create creative animations that convey our client’s message to the target audience in the most precise, clear, and effective way.

Types Of Animation Services We Offer

  • Explainer Video Animation: An explainer video animation allows you to explain to potential clients what your products or services are and how they solve their problems.

  • Frame By Frame : A frame by frame animation modifies the content at every stage.  It is ideally suited to complicated animation where an image changes in each frame rather than merely moving across the stage.

  • Educational VideoAn educational video is a video that is primarily intended to educate. It is animation that provides useful education insights to users and helps in better comprehension and learning.

  • Corporate VideoA corporate video is a kind of video material produced for and commissioned by a firm, organisation, or enterprise for non-advertising purposes.

  • Animated Music Video : Animated music videos are a type of video that blends music video components with animation. They may be used to advertise a single song or a whole album.

  • Video Ad : Video ad is a simple video advertisement whose main aim is to advertise and market a company’s product or service to a larger target audience.

  • Medical Video Production : Medical video production means producing animated videos that address information regarding medical facilities. It is an excellent method of communicating complicated information to patients or medical professionals. It has the advantage of being extremely adaptable and can be changed to match any platform needs.


We are among the finest in the business because of our collaborative and diverse approach. A remarkable track record of supplying high-quality animations to hundreds of satisfied clients for over a decade. Our animations increase your ROI and help you reach your marketing objectives more easily.

It brings ideas to life.
It easily explains complex data.

Boosts conversions.

Delivers emotions to your message