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7 Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media Organically

When we hear of lead generation, social media may not be the first thing that springs to mind...but perhaps it should be.

With 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level/Vice President (VP) executives using social media as a key part of their decision-making process, social media platforms are becoming crucial to building relationships with potential and current clients throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Companies that use social media lead generation strategies can achieve better results throughout the funnel building brand awareness and conversions and ultimately increasing their sales productivity, growing revenue and creating a sense of community for advocates and followers.

And according to a recent LinkedIn Pulse survey, B2B buyers that perceive a "high brand connection" are 60% more likely to evaluate, purchase and even pay a premium than "low brand connection" competitors.

Thus in today’s article, we'll detail seven ways that you may use to create leads using social media:

Special Offers

Everyone likes freebies so why not consider organizing a sweepstakes or providing prizes on social media? These are the sorts of advertisements that people like sharing on social media and by incorporating an entry form, you may acquire valuable lead data.

At the end of the form, make sure you provide a means for contestants to share the offer via social media. This allows participants to spread the news to their network and with each mention, you can continue to deepen the relationship by engaging and thanking their postings.

Polls and Surveys

Rather than assuming your audience's interests, simply ask them! Your followers may give you a plethora of information and polls are a unique opportunity for individuals to voice their thoughts and an excellent approach to gather input on how people are using your product, what their pain points are and what they want to see on your roadmap.


Referral programs can be difficult to implement but if done correctly, they can be an effective method to engage your audience.

Referrals are an excellent approach to establishing rapport with prospects since 92% of customers believe the recommendations of their friends and relatives. So create enticing offers for both referrers and referees such as gift cards or cash incentives. Who knows if it might be the nudge your clients need to suggest you to their contacts?

Discount Codes

Flash sales and discount coupons are excellent methods to raise brand awareness and drive demand.

A strong call to action and a time limit can generate a sense of urgency for individuals to respond to your advertising.

Many consumer firms are using this to battle increasing cart abandonment rates but it is also quite useful in the B2B arena.

Promote Gated Content

Promoting gated content on social media is a simple approach to creating leads. Social media is an excellent way to get your information out there and by creating posts that bring people to a landing page where they are invited to fill out a form, you may generate new leads while nurturing current ones in your marketing database.

One of the most important aspects of this strategy is to ensure that your social updates contain content that will pique the attention of your followers and for that make sure to use photos, animations or statistics to graphically communicate the story of your information.

Most leads select whether or not to read a page and provide their information in a matter of seconds so keep your landing pages basic and minimalist in design to prevent overwhelming your leads.

Host a Live Stream or Tweet Chat

Going live allows you to immediately communicate with your fans and engage with them in real-time. By answering questions, gathering feedback and increasing awareness of your products or services, live chats allow you to portray your business as an industry expert; additionally it also lets you also increase cross-channel traffic by guiding them to branded content, landing pages and offers.

Paid Social Ads

With recent algorithm adjustments to several social networks, advertising on these platforms is more vital than ever as these updates are intended to improve the user experience by displaying less promotional stuff and more of the relevant content that they want to view.

This implies that, as a marketer, you'll need to complement your organic articles with sponsored marketing to get them noticed. Each social media network has its own demographic parameters for targeting advertisements (for example, location, job title, age, industry, gender and so on). So use the correct platform and targeting tools to guarantee you're reaching out to people who will appreciate your content and aren't spending money on megaphoning.

Wrapping Up

Even if you don't consider yourself a social media lead generation specialist, you now have the foundations to get started. SAAR Advertising and Marketing specializes in social media marketing services and lead creation tactics.

Consult with us today to see how you can improve your lead generation procedures and work on increasing engagement, client base and revenue for your business!

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