Google search console update 2023

Boost Your Website’s Performance with the Latest Google Search Console Updates 2023

In the consistently changing field of digital marketing, remaining ahead with the most up-to-date advancements is essential for keeping up with and boosting your site's performance. Google (being a noticeable player in the search engine industry) continuously refines its offerings to give better bits of knowledge and open doors for website owners and content creators. As of August 16, 2023, let's delve into two notable Google Search Console Update 2023 that can significantly boost your website's performance.

Google Updates Search Console Video Indexing Report

Understanding Video Performance Like Never Before

The power of video content in today's digital age is incomparable. Google recognizes this and ceaselessly attempts to work on its offerings to satisfy the needs of video content creators. The updated Search Console Video indexing report which was rolled out on February 1, 2023, brings exciting new features that shed light on video performance in search results.

One of the key additions is the introduction of daily video impressions. These impressions are now grouped by page which allows you to track how often your videos are being seen by users. This thorough view enables you to assess the impact of your video content more efficiently.

Filtering by Sitemap for Laser-Focused Insights

Navigating through data is critical for enhancing the performance of your website. To help you with this, Google has introduced a new feature in the Video indexing report - the sitemap filter.

This feature allows website owners and content creators to focus on the most important video pages by filtering the report to show just video pages included in a certain sitemap. This degree of accuracy helps in decision-making as well as guarantees that your endeavors are centered around the video content that is generally imperative to your site's objectives.

Making Informed Decisions

These latest Google Search Console updates are crucial to Google's ongoing commitment to providing experiences that deliver better results to content creators and site owners.

Thanks to Google's greater understanding of video impressions and options for focusing on particular sites, you may decide on your video content strategy with confidence. This can prompt higher visibility in search results and more interaction with your target audience.

Changes to HowTo and FAQ Rich Results

Refining the Search Experience

When it comes to search results, the display of rich results is quite important for giving consumers accurate and pertinent information. To enhance the search experience, Google has acquainted changes with how certain rich results types are shown in search results. As of August 8, 2023, these changes are already in effect.

FAQ Rich Results for Authority and Relevance

The use of structured data has become a staple for optimizing content visibility in search results. But Google is now refining the display of FAQ-rich results. These results will now be displayed primarily for well-known and reputable government and health websites. This change ensures that users receive accurate information from trusted sources.

While other sites will no longer regularly display FAQ-rich results, it's worth noting that you don't need to proactively remove the structured data. Unused structured data doesn't negatively impact search performance but it also doesn't provide any visible effects in Google Search.

How-To Rich Results Tailored for Desktop

For those leveraging How-To structured data, it's important to note that How-To rich results will now only be displayed for desktop users and not on mobile devices. This adjustment is in line with Google's mobile indexing strategy in which the mobile version of a website is utilized as the foundation for indexing. To ensure that How-To rich results are visible on the desktop, make sure the appropriate markup is included in your website's mobile version.

Insights in Search Console Reporting

These changes in rich results are accompanied by updates in the Search Console reporting for your website. The metrics for FAQ and How-To search appearances in the performance report along with the impressions reported in enhancement reports will reflect these changes. It's crucial to take note that these changes are planned to further improve the client experience and ought not to be deciphered as a means for ranking change.

Embrace the Changes for Enhanced Performance

As the digital world evolves, remaining informed about the latest Google Search Console updates is significant for improving your website’s performance.

By embracing these Google Search Console Update 2023, you can enhance your website's visibility, engagement and overall performance in the competitive digital realm. So stay tuned to Google's evolving tools and keep adapting your strategies to achieve digital success.

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